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1. He who marries a woman for the hope of her wealth, Allah leaves him with only that wealth.

2. Indeed the cognition & knowing of Allah provides comfort in all terrors & frights. And it is the companion in all solitudes & loneliness & the light in all darkness & energy in all weaknesses & feeblenesses & the cure of all diseases & aliments.

3. The person who sees his brother (religious) involved (in a problem) which is the cause of his trouble & dislike ness & he does not remove it from him although he can do that, has committed a dishonesty with him.

4. Be careful of your knowledge and see from whom you get it.

5. Nothing follows a person after his death except three virtues & qualities. 
 a. The study & charity that he may have executed by the grace of Allah in his life & which continues on after his death.
 b. And a decent & good tradition (left over by him) which is put into practice (after his death).
 c. A pious son who prays for him.

6. In no way is Allah worshipped better than by fulfilling the right of a believer.

7. Momin is the brother of a Momin just like one single body, (so that) if one part of it has a complaint the entire body feels & receives the pain & trouble. And their souls are from a single soul. And indeed the tie & connection of the faithful's should to the soul of Allah is more powerful & strengthener than the connection of the rays of sun with it.

8. Surely, a little action (of worshipping) with piety is better than many deeds with no virtue.

9. The smallest thing which turns a man out of faith is that he keeps counting the faults, lapses missteps & flaws of his brother in faith so that one day he may reprimand him. (by those weaknesses)

10. It is from the disposition & manners of the ignorant that he answers before listening & quarrel before understanding & gives judgment upon what he is unaware of.

11. The person who acts & practices short of vision is similar to the traveler of a wrong avenue. So the speed of his journey would not but only increase his distance.

12. The most beloved of the brothers to me is the one who presents & indicates to me my faults & short comings.

13. Be the inviters & callers of people towards beneficence without (using) your tongue, so that they may observer your endeavor & efforts, & truth & piety.

14. Seventy sins of ignorant are forgiven before one sin of a scholar is forgiven.

15. Indeed when the sin is committed by a servant secretly, it does not harm but the one who commits it. Where as, if it is committed openly & conspicuously & a restraints is not put upon it then it harms the general public.

16. The love of this fleeting world is the origin of all vices.

17. A man does not become proud hearted & arrogant but for the self abjection which he finds in his soul.

18. He who has even a little arrogance in his heart will not be allowed to enter Heaven.

19. Toiling & laboring hard for one's family is like becoming the warrior of a holy war on the course of Allah.

20. He who restrains his anger, Allah will cover his blemishes.


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