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1. I found the knowledge of people in four things: firstly, that you know your LORD (recognition of Allah), Secondly, that you know it as to what factors He made use of in creating you, thirdly, that you know as to what does he want & intend from you, & fourthly that you learn what is it that will expel you from your religion.

2. Cursed is the one who backbites against one's brother (fellow Muslim).

3. Comprehend & understand the religion of Allah, for jurisprudence is the key to vision & the completion of worship & the cause of reaching the lofty grades & magnanimous station is the world & hereafter.
And the superiority & magnanimity of jurisprudent over the adorer & worshiper is like that of the superiority of sun to the stars. And Allah does not get pleased with (accept) any practice of that person who does not achieve the comprehension & understanding of his religion. 

4. Put in endeavor & exercise effort that your time is scheduled into four parts.
A part for the supplication to Allah & an other part for the affairs of economy & livelihood & still another part for social contact with the brothers & the persons of confidence who may let you learn your short comings & faults & they have a sincere interior (heart) for you. 
And a part to enjoy the un forbidden & lawful entertainments. And with this part of time you get the strength of vigor for the (rest of) three other parts of time.

5. Oh Hisham! a man is not faithful till such time that he gets fearful (&) hopeful. And he will not become fearful & hopeful unless & until he becomes the conjuror & doer of that which he fears & hopes i.e. (He practices according to the requirement & needs of the fear & hope.

6. Indeed, the greatest & biggest of all the people in worth & value is the person who does not consider the world a station & abode for himself more over, there is no price & worth of your bodies except the paradise, so do not sell them without (achieving) it.

7. Bad is the person who has two faces & two tongues (double cross & hypocrite). He praises & commends his brother (in faith) in his presence & when he is absent he back bites & slanders him. If he achieves (something) he gets jealous of him & if he is afflicted he leaves & abandons him (Does not help him).

8. A person who does not observe any progress & development in himself, his two days are equal is a looser. 

9. Oh Hisham! if there be a walnut in your hand & the people say it is a pearl, this will not provide you any benefit where as you know that, its a walnut.
And if there is a pearl in your hand & people says, its a walnut, there would be no harm to you while you know that, that is a pearl.

10. Oh Hisham! there is a proof & logic for everything & the proof of that intelligent person is his meditation & the proof of meditation is quietness.


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