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1. When the innovations & heretical practices becomes evident in my Ummah it is necessary for the scholar to make his knowledge manifested & open (with regards to making the innovations public) so, curse of Allah be upon the scholar who does not do it.

2. One who starts a morning in a condition that he does not make effort about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of the Muslims. And a person who hears the voice of a man who calls the Muslim to his help but he does not respond him, is not a Muslim.

3. I do not have the fear of neither the faithful not polytheist about my Ummah. However, the faith of the faithful refrains him from harming the Ummah, more over the infidelity of the polytheist will become the cause of his abjectness & repression. But I am afraid about you (being harmed) from the glib tongued hypocrite. He utters by his tongue what you believe is good & practically he does what you consider bad (vices).

4. There is a good deed above each good deed, to the extent that a man is slain on the way of Allah. so when he is slain on the way of Allah then there is no good deed above (better than) it.

5. The one who pleases a ruler with something which is the cause of Allah's fury has gone out of Allah's religion.

6. One who comes to a rich man & shows humbleness to him for the sake of his wealth has lost two third of his religion.

7. When the resurrection day will come, the ink of the pen of scholar will be weighed against the blood of martyrs, so as a result of weighing the ink of the pen of scholars will get superiority over the bloods of the martyrs.

8. The example of my household (Hazrat Zehra (SA) & the twelve imams) is like that of the Hazrat Nuh's (AS) ship. Who so ever boards it will get rescued (salvation) & the one who opposes the boarding of it, gets drowned. (JAMIASAGHIR VOL 2, P533 Hadith, 8162)

9. Cursed is the one who puts the load of his life responsibilities upon the shoulders of the people.

10. When the dooms day will come about, man will not move one step from his place till he is questioned about four things.

a. The way how he spent his life?
b. As to how did he wear out his youth?
c. About the wealth, as to where he got it from & in what way he spent it?
d. And about the love of us the household of prophet.

11. Oh Ali! all the eyes will weep on the resurrection day except three eyes:

a. The eye which remained waking in the night till morning on the way of Allah (for the defense of Islamic system).
b. the eye which refrained from seeing the the things prohibited by Allah.
c. The eye which shed tear from the fear of Allah.

12. I am the city of knowledge & Ali is it's gate so whoso ever intends to acquire knowledge must come through the gate.

13. Oh Abazar! do value & esteem five things before five others (to happen).

a. your youth before your old age.
b. your health before your ailment.
c. your wealth before your poverty.
d. your life before your death.

14. Allah does not look at (value) your faces & nor your wealth's but he looks at your hearts & your practices.

15. Oh people! I have left among you some thing which if you get (hold of) it, you will not go astray: The book of Allah (Quran) & my progeny, household.

16. Oh community of Muslims! definitely avoid committing adultery because it has six peculiarities three (will emerge) in this world & three in the hereafter. More over, those three which appear in this world (consist of):

a. This becomes the cause of getting dishonored.
b. Causes to bring poverty
c. Causes the shortening of age.
And those which take place in the hereafter are:
a. It causes the anger of Allah.
b. It causes the severe ness & graveness of accounting.
c. It causes the eternity & perpetuity (of man) in the hell fire.

17. Beware! one who died with the love of household of Prophet (P.B.U.H) has died as a faithful, having complete faith.

18. Drinker is similar to the idolater. Oh Ali! Allah does not accept the service of the drinker (up to) forty days. And if he dies with in forty days, he has died as an infidel.

19. One who postpones and delays the performing of Hajj (having got it's capacity) till the time he dies. Allah will resurrect him as a Jew or Christian on the justice day.

20. Sighting (at stranger man or women) is a poisonous arrow out of the arrows of Satan. So one who overlooks & omits that due to the fear of Allah, Allah bestows upon him a faith, the sweetness of which he will find in his heart.


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